Our Partners

We are committed in protecting and preserving Colombian cultural heritage and its incredible biodiversity. Therefore, we build partnerships with local communities, Foundations, National Parks… It is our mission to provide sustainability, cultural awareness and one of a kind experiences which become uniquely memorable.

Saving the Amazon Foundation

The mission of the Saving the Amazon Foundation is to use state-of-the-art technology to create a global community committed to the wellbeing of the environment, mitigating climate change and a want to save the Amazon and its people. Additionally, funding the planting of trees which are planted by the indigenous communities with their ancestral knowledge and cared for three years, making forest enrichment in the most important biological region of the planet, the Amazonian region. This in turn allows to contribute with the community food security and the transformation of their socioeconomic conditions, through green micro-enterprises from the trees planted.

Plant Your Tree

Communities Saving the Amazon

Proyecto Tití

Proyecto Tití is a multi-disciplinary on-site conservation program that combines field research, education initiatives and community programs to make the conservation of natural resources economically feasible for local communities in Colombia. The program is designed to provide useful information to assist in the long-term preservation of the cotton-top tamarin and to develop local community advocates to promote conservation efforts in Colombia.

Protecting Cotton-top Tamarins

Watch the Cotton-top Dance!

Cunaguaro Biodiversidad y Cultura

Cunaguaro is an environmental organization made up of professionals in the field of human, biological and environmental sciences. Our actions are focused on the conservation and valuation of natural resources, biodiversity, cultural expressions and the improvement of the quality of life of the communities.

They design and execute environmental education programs with rural communities. During these years they have consolidated themselves as a responsible and consistent organization with its principles, highlighting ethical and environmental values regarding the conservation of the natural resources of the Orinoquía region.

Fencing Project


Casanare and Arauca Turtles


Giant Anteater Project


Corporación Ambiental La Pedregoza

The Corporación Ambiental La Pedregoza or La Pedregoza Environmental Corporation is a non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to the conservation and preservation of Orinoco River basin flora and fauna, as well as to the operation of protected areas. The NGO is run by a board of directors, and the NGO’s managing director is a member of the IUCN‘s World Commission for Protected Areas (WCPA). In 2014 the Reserva Natural La Pedregoza was accepted as a civil society natural reserve in Colombia´s national parks system by Resolution 096 of 28 August 2014, RNSC 101-11, which also resulted in it being registered in the RUNAP, the national protected areas registry.

Corporación Ambiental La Pedregoza

Tree-Nation at La Pedregoza

Fundación Forjando Raices

In 2014, the Forjando Raíces Foundation was born with the sole purpose of promoting and developing all kinds of activities aimed at defending natural resources, the environment, preserving ancient cultures and promoting responsible and sustainable tourism.
The economic resources with which all these activities are carried out are generated by the Forging Roots Operating Agency, a commercial activity created by the foundation for its Self-sustainability. Thus having the autonomy to carry out social activities for the benefit of the less favored communities.

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