Our Story

As a Colombian born American child, our founder Daniel Buitron Jaramillo had always visited but never considered really living here. Then in 2009, he met his wife who had always wanted to live and travel in South America. When they decided to marry, it was time for a new adventure. They traveled Ecuador and Colombia before finally decided to settle down and create one of the first English-speaking tour services in the Coffee Axis focused primarily on Eco-Travel.

Our mission

Here at Colombia Eco Travel, we have created our own unique identity in an industry that in some ways is saturated with “easy fixes” and ready made tours, yet missing out on a deeper level of consciousness. We want to give our valued clients all the power to choose their own short, partial or extensive travel itineraries. It is our mission to provide sustainability, cultural awareness and unique experiences which become uniquely memorable.


Daniel Buitron Jaramillo

Managing Director

Hélène Colmart

Operations Coordinator

Travel Advisors

Sherri Parkes

Bogotá Based Travel Advisor

Monica Turgeman

Bogotá Based Travel Advisor

Jane Blunden

Ibague Based Travel Advisor


Erin Donaldson

Digital Content Coordinator

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