Bogotá Foodie Experience

Do you like to experience your trips through your taste buds? Come along with us for an exclusive glimpse into the best of Bogota’s culinary scene. With Bogotá’s high elevation (over 7,000 feet above sea level!), the flavors are heavenly.

The Bogota Foodie Experience will introduce you to the best the city has to offer! We will visit some of Bogotá’s top restaurants so you can sample Colombian cuisine. While our focus is the food, conversation is the key to any great evening out with friends! Your culinary guide will give you insights into the origins of local flavors and the stories behind the people who bring the ingredients to life.

Learning about Colombian traditions, history, and culture will give you a more authentic feel for the country. This progressive meal lets you taste a variety of succulent dishes paired with suggested cocktails, wine or beer. The Bogota Foodie Experience, is the perfect way to explore the culinary scene in Colombia’s capital.

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