Fruit Fiesta At Barbas Bremen Natural Park

This is one of the most complete fruit tastings  you could ever have in Colombia.

Imagine tasting and learning about so many tropical and exotic fruits that you will never see at your local supermarket. We make sure to grab all those goodies from different parts of the city and the wild too!

In this Pereira Fruit Fiesta tour you will have the opportunity to taste this deliciousness at a natural park where you can delight yourself with the sound of the birds and howler monkeys.


  • Taste different types of fruits that we have in Colombia.​
  • Cook and prepare juices, sauces and jams with different types of fruits.​
  • Learn about the properties, benefits and deliciousness of many kinds of fruits you have never seen before.​
  • Get close to Mother Nature and enjoy the sound of birds and howler monkeys.​