Hacienda Venecia Coffee Tour

The Hacienda Venecia Coffee Tour consists of a trip throughout the coffee world and exploration of a working coffee farm. The farm provides a stunning backdrop for this tour where visitors can experience every stage of the coffee production process as it happens and enjoy an authentic glimpse of life on a coffee farm.

The group tour starts off in the Coffee Lounge, in the heart of the plantation. This building preserves the traditional architecture of the region and features a mix of industrial and natural materials, such as Bamboo.During the tour, you will discuss and learn about several key issues relating to coffee, the product which is symbolic of this region and of Colombia, recognized by people all over the world. Some of the themes that are covered on the tour include: origin and history, worldwide distribution, species, the growing and harvesting (walk through the coffee plantation), processing – visit the wet mill (operational weekdays only), marketing (Juan Valdez brand), roasting process, aromas and properties of coffee, café de Colombia and its institutions, Coffee Cultural Landscape (UNESCO World Heritage Site).

This interactive tour gives you the chance to explore, touch, taste and love the product coffee and its process. Ask all your questions and get surprised by the knowledge of our guides and workers.

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