Katanzama Community Ethnic Experience

The unique Katanzama Indigenous Community is located in a magical place by the Caribbean Sea on the skirts of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. This tour is guided by the community leader who will show you the houses and community halls. During the course of the day he will tell you about the history, cosmogony, rituals and customs of the ancient Arhuaco ethnic group.

You will visit their plantations to learn about their crops and essential materials. Part of the experience includes a special moment when you sit around a tree, in a sacred space, and chat with the Mamo, or spiritual leader of the village.

After a brief visit to the school, feel the magic as you sit by the sea and enjoy a delicious picnic. Local artisans will show you how to knit a traditional bag while you eat.

As part of the final experience, you will plant – with the Katanzama Community, an endemic tree of the region. This will be the mark you leave as visitors of honor.

Activity Summary