Manizales City Tour

Uncover the little-known treasures of Manizales on a 4-hour insider walking tour with our local guide. Explore arcaded pathways, hidden alleys and grand boulevards, while marveling at Republican era architecture. You’ll see top attractions like the tallest Cathedral in Colombia, and neighborhood gems like the only Tango Street, or Calle del Tango, in the world! As you walk, you’ll learn the history of this contemporary city and its roots.

Meet your private guide by the fountain in the Parque de los Fundadores. Together you will set off on your 4-hour walking tour through the city streets. As you walk, a story of history, culture, art and mountains will be woven. Stop at the oldest cafe in town to sample one of the city’s finest pastries. Continue onward to the Cathedral Basilica in the center of the city, wander Bolivar Square, and Gobernacion (or governor’s office), an iconic building of neo-byzantine style architecture. You’ll then head to a lively market and indulge in one of the country’s popular gastronomic pleasures: tropical fruits! Meet local farmers and sample their wares.

Finally, we’ll head to the Colonizers Monument, the highest point of the city for a breathtaking view and conclusion of our tour. This area is called Chipre – a popular weekend destination for locals and visitors alike. If you are lucky, you will see a spectacular sunset.

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