Otún Quimbaya Hike to Frailes Waterfall

Because of its scenic beauty, Otún Quimbaya Fauna and Flora Sanctuary is greatly oriented towards ecotourism. It is a walk in nature you will surely never forget! The sanctuary has become an important ecotourism destination in the coffee growing region. During the tour you will learn about many local endemic species of plants, animals and birds.

After a brief introduction from one of the parks rangers, you will be taken on a 3-hour hike with an English speaking expert. Prepare to be left breathless by the Frailes Waterfall. Your guide will show you an amazing variety of flora & fauna which includes a number of endemic birds, bugs, frogs and if you are lucky – you will be able to spot (and/or hear) the Howler monkey.

Upon your return, you will eat a hearty 3 course lunch which is typical of the region.

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