Pereira River Hike At Barbas Bremen Natural Park

Just 30 minutes away from Pereira, you can discover the biological corridor of Barbas Bremen, a paradise of biodiversity right here in the coffee region. You will be welcome with a traditional drink of the region while you admire the breathtaking view of the Barbas River Canyon and listen to some recommendations before descending to the river.

The walk to the river is approximately 40 minutes, where you can appreciate the habitat of howler monkeys, Andean Cock of the Rock and endangered species such as the Cauca Guan. We can stay here for some time to enjoy the crystalline waters of the Barbas River and get energized to start our way back to the top.

After we get a good rest, we can enjoy a traditional Colombian dish called “fiambre”, which is a typical stew wrapped in plantains leaves. After lunch is finished we will take you back to the hotel.




  • Experience an authentic “paseo de río”.
  • Learn about the flora and fauna of the park.
  • Taste a delicious and traditional Colombian meal.
  • Get close to animals such us birds and howler monkeys.
  • Get energized with the crystalline waters of the Barbas River.