Salamina Sugar Cane Tour

Have you noticed the brown bricks which are sold in supermarkets? Perhaps you visualized Colombians buying their future home, one brick, at a time. Then you see someone putting those bricks, called Panela – in smaller pieces into hot water. It’s actually a drink!

One of the most traditional drinks in Colombia, the second largest Panela producing country in the world after India and the first in the consumption of this natural sweetener which does not contain any chemicals. Get to know and enjoy the beautiful handmade process of how panela is processed from raw sugar cane into hard round bricks which are a part of the traditional diet.

In this tour we will take you from farm to table at a real Trapiche, or Panela Mill. This is where the sugar cane is converted into a hot syrup and then its final product. In this activity, you will have hands on experience at a farm. Learn and have fun enjoying the characteristic smell of grinding, drinking an energizing guarapo (cane juice) and sweetening your palate with a piece of rabbit (piece of panela before the process is finished).

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