Chingaza National Park Adventure

Are you looking for a different kind of hiking experience? Then the Chingaza National Park Adventure is for you! ‘Paramos’ are rare and unique ecosystems which are found in several of the high mountain ranges of Colombia. They provide an environmental service to more than 100 million people. Some call it the birthplace of water. [...]
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Local Fishing and Crab Cooking

Live this experience through direct contact with the native population of the Afro-Cartagena fishermen's village. This is an adventure which unites local culture and gastronomy. You will go Fishing & Cook Crabs with traditional methods. You will learn firsthand how to assemble the fishing nets and set traps for crabs from local fishermen. After a [...]
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Salento: Cocora Valley Hike

Come experience the beauty of wax palms in the Cocora Valley and traditional architecture of Salento! In the morning, you will meet with our trusted guide who will take you to participate in a private tour. It will feature the wax palm, a species only found in this region of Colombia. Your guided tour with […]

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Pereira Otún Quimbaya Hike to Frailes Waterfall

Because of its scenic beauty, Otún Quimbaya Fauna and Flora Sanctuary is greatly oriented towards ecotourism. It is a walk in nature you will surely never forget!The sanctuary has become an important ecotourism destination in the coffee growing region. During the tour you will learn about many local endemic species of plants, animals and birds. [...]
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Mirador Valle de la Samaria Wax Palm Tour

From Salamina, climb aboard a traditional local jeep for a one-hour drive through the Central Andes Mountains of Colombia. Before going to visit the Wax Palm reserve, we will visit the charming village of San Felix, a wonder town with colorful facades and friendly locals.  After having coffee and snacks in San Felix, we continue [...]
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