Pereira River Hike At Barbas Bremen Natural Park

Just 30 minutes away from Pereira, you can discover the biological corridor of Barbas Bremen, a paradise of biodiversity right here in the coffee region. You will be welcome with a traditional drink of the region while you admire the breathtaking view of the Barbas River Canyon and listen to some recommendations before descending to [...]
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Fruit Fiesta At Barbas Bremen Natural Park

This is one of the most complete fruit tastings  you could ever have in Colombia. Imagine tasting and learning about so many tropical and exotic fruits that you will never see at your local supermarket. We make sure to grab all those goodies from different parts of the city and the wild too! In this [...]
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Cartagena Street Food Experience

Delight your senses with the taste of the true Cartagena during our street food tour. Explore the city's rich history while visiting the famous food carts in the center of the walled city. You will have the opportunity of trying a variety of classic Caribbean treats in the company of a local, bilingual guide who will [...]
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Cartagena Gastronomy Experience

The city of Cartagena was declared a UNESCO Heritage site in 1984, and is one of the most recognized cities in all of Latin America for its colorful diversity and architectural conservation. Cartagena is also an up and coming international gastronomy destination! Our Cartagena Gastronomy Tour begins with the history of rum in Cartagena, its [...]
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Bogotá Farmer’s Market Experience

"7 de agosto" is one of the most authentic food markets in the capital of Colombia. In its colorful and lively passages, you will find all the richness and agricultural diversity of Colombia, the most biodiverse country in the world..  You will see and taste all kinds of exotic and delicious fruits and vegetables from [...]
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