Manizales Tango Experience

Surprisingly, Tango has a long and colorful history in Colombia. It may have been birthed in Argentina, but it has always been celebrated by a people who feel the lyrics of love, heartbreak, life and death, with a deep well of passion.  The Manizales Tango Tour is a step into the past and a deep [...]
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La Jagua, The Heart Of Ethnic Music

Do you have a special love or interest in cultural or ethnic music? Jump into The Heart Of Colombian Music with the group, La Jagua. It was formed by different ethnicities, primarily the Afro-descendants of slaves from the Pacific Coast. For this activity you will participate in an evening full of joy, and dotted with [...]
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San Basilio De Palenque – First ‘Free Town’ for Africans

Palenque de San Basilio, located 60 km from Cartagena, is a community of descendants of African Maroons from the 17th century. Domingo Biohó was the mythical leader whose fierceness was reflected in the reports that the governors of the Province of Cartagena sent to the Crown. Since 1603, the escape of slaves from the city [...]
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