Colombia is a great Destination for Budget conscious Canadians. Low cost flights coupled with a favorable exchange rate are drawing increased popularity during this holiday season. Travel agencies and booking services are taking advantage of the growing safety, to create new adventures in destinations which previously were considered “off-limits.” 

Budget Friendly Destination

In Colombia, we saw our numbers cough this year due to overblown concerns about a resurgence of the 50 year civil war. While some areas have sustained violence, they are few and far between. Popular tourism destinations are starting to see a new uptick of growth thanks to recent reports from travel bookers like

Budget Friendly Destination
Photo Credit: Erin Donaldson

Kayak has taken the time to highlight their low-cost flights in a recent “Holiday Travel Guide.” In it, they seek to analyze the best value for Canadian travelers this upcoming season. Travel agencies are following their advice and putting together special packages to help create the perfect experience. 

Additional reports confirm that Canadians are expected to travel farther and longer than their American neighbors this holiday season. Part of this success is of course, due to Colombia repealing their Reciprocity Act – which would normally “tax” Canadians upon entry. 

With flights as low as $512 CAD, to Bogotá, Colombia is without doubt a top pick and highly recommended for the budget conscious. The previously mentioned report by Kayak even listed Bogota as a top New Year’s Eve destination. 

Colombia Eco Travel can help you plan your trip with our exclusive tailor made tours and travel packages. Feeling like Bogotá for New Years should include you? We can help you put together your full itinerary and reservations. 

Never has it been a better time to dodge the intense cold and take a break from the daily grind. Bogota, while cool and rainy, is only a half an hour by domestic flight from warmer popular destinations such as the UNESCO Coffee Cultural Landscape, Medellin and Cartagena.

Whether this is your first time trying out an exotic Budget Friendly Destination, or you’re an expert traveler, there are many fun new adventures awaiting you in Colombia. And, they are getting cheaper!