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Ashley Peak

Ashley Peak is a teacher, writer, and traveler seeking bright sides and adventures. She has traveled throughout North America, Africa, Europe, and South America.

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Charlotte Mackenzie

A communications specialist, digital writer and lover of all things Latin American, Charlotte has spent the past few years exploring and sharing her experiences of life across two continents - Bogotá and London. Charlotte is a lover of arepas and has an impressive poncho collection - which she intends to grow.

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Anny Woolridge

Anny is a travel writer, journalist, editor and blogger, who has travelled to 28 countries and worked in Greece, France, America and Colombia. Anny created her blog - Anny's Adventures - to help people discover the beauty of Colombia and other countries around the world.

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Michael Evans

Michael Evans discovered photography during his college years after buying a secondhand 35mm camera. He went on to major in film production and later worked as a television producer and still photographer. After more than twenty-five years behind the lens, he still finds photography as intriguing as the day he picked up his first camera. His work has appeared in solo and group exhibitions, as well as numerous newspapers, books, and magazines. Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, Michael now lives in Colombia, where he works as a writer and photographer.

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