Come with us as we show you Where to Eat in Pereira, Capital of the Coffee Region. Also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, we have some excellent dining options. Here are a few which, in our experience – are a must for Cultural Coffee Landscape (PCC) foodies! 

The Taste of Pereira 

The largest city in the region, you will find many internationally themed restaurants which use exotic Colombian fruits and fresh locally sourced ingredients. All the places we recommend here meet a basic criteria: 

  1. Longevity – nothing is worse than finding a great recommendation, that no longer exists! 
  2. Quality – not all of the restaurants are cheap, per se, but they do focus on quality ingredients and preparations. 
  3. Audience – both locals and visitors alike love them, and we think you will too! 

As you plan your next visit to Pereira, Colombia, here are some restaurants you won’t want to miss.

Latino Cocina Popular – Traditional Colombian

It would be a crime to miss out on this place if you are going to Eat in Pereira. Featuring original ancestral recipes from the Andes, Pacific and Caribbean, the flavors have been developed with fresh local ingredients and a touch that is without equal. Colombian food never tasted as good as this.  

“Known for the “Cazuelas de Mariscos” (seafood bowls), we have tried to offer flavors from all parts. Not only from the Caribbean, but also from the Pacific. We work with the flavors of the Caribbean, Amazon, Pacific and Valle del Cauca.”

– Miguel Angel Trujillo, Owner and Head Chef

We recommend their Encocados, seafood or chicken, the rice Atollado, their Sopa Pirata, or Pirate Soup and the house drink, which is a digestive blend yet cool and refreshing. For a taste of Colombia’s most exotic flavors and typical dishes.

Location: Av. Belcazar #19-28  Hours: Monday through Saturday 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM

La Trattoria – Italian

La Trattoria – owned by Italian Apollo Trattori, is a flavor sensation if you’re craving Italian food to Eat in Pereira. More than 7 years in operation, they aren’t going away any time soon! Try their handmade oven baked pizzas, fresh pastas and high-quality meat from a local producer, all presented on an English or Spanish menu. 

“For me the principal ingredient of any plate, is love. It is fundamental, without this, we don’t send the plates. The act of trying to be the most traditional possible. Parmesan with seafood is very bad. At the end, the experience of the client is not as satisfactory. We want to offer the best experience in every way, and we focus on it. That everything tastes good in every occasion. My grandmother always cooked her sauce over a slow fire for six hours, anything less wasn’t good enough. We want to transmit that same love and dedication.”

Apollo, Founder and Head Chef

Our top picks are the Pizza Master Special, the meat plates and their exquisite pesto ravioli! Be sure to order the Burrata Cheese Entree, share a pizza or opt for some pasta when you Eat in Pereira. We love their Gorgonzola Cheese on Chicken Breast accompanied by salad, veggies and an Italian bean or potatoes. Try their Summer wine, or an Ancla craft beer, for a cool refreshment. 

Location: Carrera 17 bis #21 bis 04  Hours: Sun 12 – 4:00 PM Mon – Thur 12 – 10:00 PM Fri/Sat 12 – 11:00 PM 

La H – Hamburgueseria

Hamburgers can be a fun change from your usual fare in South America. If you are dreaming of something more American style with great quality of meat and flavor – without the weirdness of a Quail egg on top. Plan your visit.

“An artisan Hamburger shop that dedicates itself to original recipes, such as sauces and bread. The bread is made in a vegan form that gives it a lot of crunch. The beef is 100% meat without fat and flour, very artisan. We offer 13 types of hamburgers which represent plates from each country. We want to transmit to our clients that they can eat the world, in a hamburger.”

Natalia Salazar – Founder and Head Chef

13 different hamburgers, ranging from Mexican to Argentinian and of course American, your options are diverse. We recommend their Burger Master Special – which comes with pulled pork, caramelized onions, cheese, and sauce on artisan bread. We promise a full flavored experience.  

Location: Carrera 17 bis #21 Hours: Sun – Thur 12 – 11:00 PM Fri/Sat 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Trocadero Cafe & Crepes

In Pinares at MegaCentro, is a place where coffee is fresh, the attention is great and everything is well-prepared. Whether you are taking care of some medical issues, or a resident of the neighborhood – Trocadero Cafe & Crepes offers a delicious menu for spoiling yourself. 

“We present breakfast from a pleasant menu for our clients. Trocadero is an organization that is inspired by French plates and culture. I was in France working, when I thought of starting a restaurant inspired by what I experienced there.”

Jose A. Silva Unda, Founder and Head Chef

Specialty Colombian coffee, bakery goods and savory breakfast and lunch plates are only a few of the tastes you will find. They offer a line of French crepes ranging from sweet to salty. 

Location: Carrera 18 MegaCentro  on the corner  Hours: Open everyday from 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Tequilas Bar

In the zona rosa is a place which brings the flavor and culture of Mexico to Colombia. Featuring cocktails and unique margarita combinations, visitors will have a well-lit yet festive environment for socializing in the heart of Pereira’s Zona Rosa. 

“When we created this place, we wanted the essence of Mexican culture, like tacos and margaritas, mariachi shows. But we don’t want to lose our Colombian identity either, such as the music variety and national liquor. The essence is betting that we can also capture foreign visitors through providing things they like, using our own unique ingredients and preparations. So, we have created a blend of Mexican style margaritas, with a Colombian touch.”

Walter Mona, Founder

If you want to have a drink in a place with a fun, upbeat vibe, great location and a nice atmosphere, then Tequilas Bar should be on your list. Be sure to try their tacos and sip a Tamarindo Margarita while you chat and enjoy the Musica Popular Colombiano which you may hear mixed with Mexican favorites and classics. 

Location: Carrera 13 #11-89, Av. Circunvalar      Hours: Mon – Thurs 7:00 AM – 11:45 PM, Fri – Sat 7:00 AM – 2:45 AM 


This is the short list of our long-time favorite places to Eat in Pereira, Colombia. They are all established, well-loved and with good reputations locally. We chose them because of their overall consistency, local popularity and because we think you will appreciate the quality they can add to your visit.