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Write for us

Write for us

We are looking for original, first-hand, inspiring and informative travel articles, photo essays, travel tips, itineraries, top 10 lists and personal travel stories.

  • Destination guides, itineraries
  • Cultural insights
  • Food, coffee, cuisine
  • Travel tips and how-tos
  • Recipes for Colombian foods
  • Wellness for travelers

Here are some ideas to get you started

  • How to Spend a Day/Weekend/Month in _______
  • Road Tripping Through ______: A __-Day Itinerary
  • What I Learned by Visiting _______
  • 7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to _______
  • Complete Guide to _______ (UNESCO site, museum, kayaking trip, park, etc.)
  • Top 10 Foods to Try in ______
  • How to Make ______ (with recipe)
  • The Best Street Food I Ate in _______

Our writer guidelines


Our articles are based on personal experience in Colombia specifically. That’s what our readers expect. We know you’ve seen some amazing places and done some incredible things. Tell us about them!


All articles must be original content. They must not appear anywhere else on the internet now or be shared elsewhere in the future.

Word Count

Articles must be a minimum of 1000 words. This improves SEO.

Photo essays

These are acceptable, but please include a few sentences about each picture and even some text for context.

External links

You’re welcome to include relevant links that will help the reader get further information, such as tourist bureau and official destination websites. We reserve the right to add, change or remove links as appropriate.


Photos must be yours and credited appropriately. We accept JPG formats. Include at least one photo for each section. Please give each photo a descriptive title to help with SEO and proper article placement. Preferred size is 1024 pixels wide. Videos are acceptable as well.

Keep in mind: Using someone else’s photos without permission is a violation of international copyright law. We will not be held responsible for any legal issues that may ensue if you violate copyright.


Submit your articles in MS Word. We reserve the right to edit and reformat to ensure consistency and ease of reading. Please attach photo files as well or, if possible, send link to images in the cloud.


Be sure to have an up to date profile on gravatar.com. This includes your profile image, bio and social links. We want to promote you so be sure to include links to your website and your social media accounts to add to our website’s author profile.

Ready to contribute?

Send a message to daniel@colombiaeco.travel with the subject line: I want to write for ColombiaSavvy. Tell us where you’ve been and what you’d like to write about, or share a few possible ideas. Include a link to your previous work.