Amazon Jungle

A visit to Colombia’s pristine Amazon jungle will open your eyes to another world.

Covering a vast share of the country, this immaculate region represents the ultimate adventure for tourists who seek to connect with remote towns, natural reserves, wildlife parks or indigenous reservations. As the plane descends into Leticia, the capital of the Colombia’s Amazon, an infinite lush carpet of green reveals an endless stretch of gigantic trees, combined with a powerful river, the largest in the world, covering 6,800 kilometers, home to 212 mammal species, 195 different kinds of reptiles and more than 145 indigenous communities.
You can expect to see some of the world’s most exotic species, from wild monkeys swinging in the canopy above to pink river dolphins and the mysterious jaguar, not to mention the 500 species of birds that have been recorded here.
Seeing the unique flora and fauna is not the only highlight of a visit the Amazon Basin. Meeting the various indigenous tribes, that consider this rainforest their home, and discovering their rituals, culture, beliefs and understanding their relationship with the natural world is a unique experience that allows visitors to evoke the authentic rhythms of the Amazon.
For those who love ecological and adventure tourism, we will ensure you experience a true taste of the Amazon!!



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