Health and Vaccines

  • Disclaimer: The information on this page is not meant to advise nor replace communicating with your regular physician to ensure you make the right choices for your health prior to and during travel. Our information is based on our experience and the reported experience of our staff and previous guests.

Our Recommendations

  • Always use basic sanitary hygiene when traveling in Colombia. Especially in the tropical areas, it is important to maintain cleanliness and help prevent infections or disease.
  • Tropical sun can cause sunstroke, burns and even skin cancer. There is a higher UV index and increased sun intensity here. It is advisable to always travel with a hat, sunglasses and/or sunscreen. Ensure you stay hydrated and drink plenty of electrolytes.
  • If you have a weak or affected immune system, you should always check with your regular physician prior to traveling. Be sure to get plenty of sleep to prevent exhaustion and illness. Ask for hotel rooms which are free of electronics to help ensure a quality sleep experience and decreased ecological impact.
  • Due to the risk of nails, broken glass and even needles – it is not advisable to wear soft flip flops or soft house shoes in big cities. Ensure you have footwear which will protect your feet while still being comfortable to walk in.
  • Many parts of Colombia do not have potable water from the tap. When in doubt, boil your water or buy bottled water. In certain areas like Quibdo, El Choco and La Guajira, it is advisable to carry your own water needs into the area.

Local Diseases or Allergies

  • Be wary of food which is prepared or sold in the street. If it is not an officially licensed establishment, you could ingest bacteria or worse. Always carry activated charcoal as a remedy for food poisoning. No side-effects, no flavor, instant effect.
  • If you have allergies to certain foods, it would be helpful to know the words in Spanish, prior to arrival. Feel free to contact us if you have any special dietary needs, or questions about that. We are here to create the experience you dreamed of.
  • If you are going to low altitude areas (less than 800 meters above sea level) such as Buenadventura, Nuqui, and the Amazon – then it is advisable, and in some cases a requirement, to have a yellow fever vaccine prior to arrival.
  • Colombia does have a health officer which ensures that restaurants, bars and cafes use good practices. If you see a square green sticker near the check-out station or kitchen, then this establishment has been found up to standard. Don’t be surprised if you occasionally see yellow stickers. If you see a red sticker, you might consider going somewhere else.

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