Leticia is the gateway to exploring the Colombian Amazon, a small yet busy city where you’ll be able to jump off into the jungle by boat or tuk-tuk.

There are lots of good local restaurants offering up some interesting Amazonian cuisine. Go for a stroll on the boardwalk along the docks and edge of the river where you can catch all the comings and goings of the fishermen, boat captains and other adventurous folk.

There are relatively few luxury lodges and accommodation in this part compared to the offerings in Peru and Brazil, which is an attraction in itself as tourism is less developed, so be prepared to get off-grid and enjoy the experience to the fullest!

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Lush, hot, humid, rainy and tropical

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Hotel Amazon B&B

Hotel Amazon is located in the heart of Leticia, a few minutes from Amazon River on the border between Colombia, Peru and Brazil.

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