Interested in doing a film or TV production in Colombia?


Our expertise in off-the-beaten-path locations, close ties with local communities and our understanding of our client’s logistical needs and budgets makes us a great option for your Film and TV production requirements in Colombia.
If your production is Nature, Wildlife, or Culturally focused, we have the experience you’re looking for.

Ocean Television is an independent production company that designs, develops and creates original content for television and digital media. Its strength lies both in the richness and diversity of the topics it addresses, as in its innovative visual approach.
We provided local expertise and transportation logistics for their production Partir autrement en famille, season 6, distributed by TV5 Canada which aired in 2019.
Partir Autrement en Famille (Off the Beaten Path with Family) opens a window onto the fascinating world of responsible tourism, one that contributes to local development and ensures respect for destination communities and their environment. The program proposes to its viewers extraordinary itineraries and encounters in wonderful sites. To every different destination, a new main character is brought along with some members of his family, as special guests.

Lincoln Square Productions is the nonfiction production company for Disney ABC Television Group/ABC News. We create fresh and creative nonfiction content for broadcast, cable and digital distribution. Our shows include: The Oscars Red Carpet Show, What Would You Do?, NY Med, In An Instant, and Madof.

We provided full service on the ground services: lodging, transportation, guiding and location fixing for their news show about traveling in Colombia.