Colombia’s second city is a story of success against all odds. Once considered the most dangerous city on the planet, Medellin has reinvented itself as an innovative and progressive city and has become one of the must-visit South American cities in recent years.

Out of the Ashes, Into the Limelight

The ‘City of Eternal Spring’ boasts a wonderful climate, captivating art and culture, and some of the most pioneering architectural projects in the Americas.

Spend the day exploring…

  • museums or taking a walking tour
  • art galleries or workshops
  • boutique shops or shopping centers
  • Adventure parks and botanical gardens.

Enjoy a lavish dinner at some of Colombia’s finest restaurants. All of it is surrounded by an indefatigable charm and the kindness of paisas, the name for Medellin’s garrulous residents.

There’s a reason why the world is finally talking about Medellin in positive terms…