Discover Salento

Salento is a colorful village sitting on spectacular rolling green Andean mountains. With traditional architecture that recalls the best days of the peasant and coffee communities that live in Colombia’s coffee region, it is a paradise were houses and balconies remain intact and charmingly adorned with various colors and overflowing flowers.

Salento is truly a beautiful town, situated in the Coffee Region close to two of the main cities in the coffee triangle – Armenia and Pereira and where many multi-day hikes to the Nevados National Park begin or end. It is one of Colombia´s fastest growing tourist destinations and it’s not hard to see why. With its stunning backdrop of the Andes mountains, coffee covered hills, valleys, green rich forests, and rivers, there is something for everyone, from an avid hiker to a more easy paced traveler.

We recommend at least two to three nights here. Must-do activities include hiking in the Cocora Valley to witness Colombia’s majestic national tree (it grows up to 60 meters tall!) – The Wax Palm. 

A coffee tour at and a stroll through the numerous artisan shops on Calle Real on your way to climb the colorful steps to the Lookout (Mirador) are some of the many activities that can be done in the area.

Try the local gastronomy if you are a fish fan. Don’t leave Salento without trying the tasty trout with a side of crispy patacón (fried green plantain), fresh from a local farm. There are many other dishes on offer – local fare to International cuisine.

Explore Salento