Villa de Leyva

A colonial heritage town in the semi-desert landscapes of Boyaca region, Villa de Leyva’s location away from major trade routes means that the town has undergone practically no development over the past 400 years. As a result of this Villa de Leyva remains one of the most well-preserved colonial towns in all of Colombia, with its cobbled streets and startlingly bright whitewashed walls still dating back to the 16th century. The focal point of the town is the gorgeous Plaza Mayor, the largest square in Colombia and believed to be the largest entirely cobbled square in South America. Day-trips to local Indigenous archaeological sites, museums housing paleontological remains, and sacred lakes in the high Andean moorlands are all available, or you could simply choose to relax in Villa de Leyva, soaking up the historical atmosphere, and sipping on some locally-produced wine (the best in Colombia). Whatever you choose, Villa de Leyva is sure to capture your imagination.