Venture to the most fascinating treasures of Colombia at the the Chingaza National Natural Park, a must do in Bogotá for nature lovers. The park is a natural and cultural territory replete with natural spring water, indigenous sacred places and lakes and majestic flora and fauna of the high Andes. Chingaza is one of the most extraordinary natural parks of Colombia located east of Bogotá at an altitude of approximately 3.400 masl (11.150 feet).
It´s a unique and pristine paramo ecosystem unique only to the Andes mountains that plays a crucial role in sustaining the balance of the earth. It guards the most ancient secrets and cosmogony inherited from the Muiscas, indigenous people who protected this territory as a sacred one for centuries.

Embark on a day hike tour with one of our professional guides and observe many endangered species, endemic plants, 186 documented species of birds, Andean bears, small felines, the amazing frailejon and the many sacred lagoons of the fragile ecosystem. Chingaza National Park offers hiking, trekking, camping, birdwatching, wildlife viewing, breathtaking views of High Andean paramo, wetlands and cloud forest.

Our day hike to this remarkable land starts at 7:00 AM from your hotel. From there, we drive for 1.5 hours towards the park entrance where we have to register and meet our local guide who will be with us along the hike. The guides are native to this region and have a deep knowledge of the territory.

We will walk on a regular terrain for at least 2 hours until we reach a group of beautiful lagoons called Lagunas de Siecha. Our way back will add another 2 hours for a total of 4 hours of walking. After the walk, we will return to the park lodge where we will have a comforting agua de panela (a hot beverage made with sugar cane).

After leaving the refuge, the guide and driver will take you back to your hotel or any other part of the city just in time for lunch.

Things to consider:
You are visiting one of the biggest natural water factories on earth, so the chances of rain are very high. Bring a rain jacket, hiking shoes and, just in case, a complete change of clothes (including shoes).
Maximum altitude of this hike is approximately 4.000 masl (13.123 ft).