Offsetting your Carbon Emissions

We’ve partnered with the Saving the Amazon Foundation to provide our travelers the peace of mind in knowing that their travels in Colombia are offset while contributing to the economic and social wellbeing of over thirteen communities in the Colombian Amazon.

How it Works

For every week you’re in Colombia, per person, the cost to offset is $25 USD. So, two weeks is $50 USD, three weeks $75 USD and so on. This offset covers your travels within Colombia. This offset is included in all of our 3 day or longer packages automatically.

If you want to include your international flight, per person, the price per week traveled is $100 USD. So, two weeks is $200 USD, three weeks $300 USD and so on.

If you would like to include the international flight offset, please let your travel advisor know or you can purchase it directly on our store.

Plant Your Tree

Communities Saving the Amazon

Saving the Amazon Foundation

The mission of the Saving the Amazon Foundation is to use state-of-the-art technology to create a global community committed to the wellbeing of the environment, mitigating climate change and a want to save the Amazon and its people; funding the planting of trees which are planted by the indigenous communities with their ancestral knowledge and cared for three years, making forest enrichment in the most important biological region of the planet, the Amazonian region; which in turn allows us to contribute with their food security and the transformation of their socioeconomic conditions, through green micro-enterprises from the trees planted.

Purchase Offsets

Feel like you’d like to compensate more of your trip? Maybe you want to offset your car or daily carbon foot print. Perhaps even gift one to a friend? You can do so here.