Sustainability Policy

At COLOMBIA ECOTRAVEL, we are committed to promoting sustainable tourism practices and minimizing our impact on the environment, while contributing to the social and economic well-being of local communities in Colombia. As a sustainable tour operator, we believe that we have a critical role to play in promoting sustainability and preserving the natural and cultural heritage of our destinations. To achieve this, we have developed a comprehensive sustainability policy that aligns with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) criteria for tour operators.

Our policy is based on the following principles:

  1. Environmental Responsibility
    We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations, by reducing waste and emissions, conserving natural resources, and promoting biodiversity conservation. We aim to achieve this by:
  • Incorporating sustainability into our product design and operational processes.
  • Minimizing waste by reducing, reusing, and recycling wherever possible.
  • Reducing our carbon footprint by using renewable energy sources, promoting low-carbon transport options, and offsetting our emissions.
  • Supporting biodiversity conservation through responsible wildlife viewing, minimizing the use of single-use plastics, and promoting sustainable agriculture and fishing practices.
  1. Social Responsibility
    We recognize the importance of social responsibility in promoting sustainable tourism. We are committed to:
  • Promoting cultural heritage preservation by providing opportunities for visitors to learn about and respect local customs and traditions.
  • Supporting local economies and communities by promoting locally owned businesses and providing employment opportunities for local people.
  • Ensuring the safety and security of our guests and staff by adhering to responsible tourism practices, including health and safety protocols, risk management, and emergency preparedness.
  • Promoting gender equality, diversity, and inclusion in all aspects of our operations.
  1. Economic Responsibility
    We are committed to promoting economic sustainability by:
  • Promoting responsible consumption and production by encouraging our guests to make informed decisions about their travel choices.
  • Supporting local businesses by sourcing products and services locally wherever possible.
  • Ensuring that our operations are financially sustainable, so that we can continue to invest in sustainable tourism practices and contribute to the well-being of local communities.

To achieve these goals, we will continually monitor our operations, set measurable targets, and engage with our stakeholders, including employees, customers, and local communities. We will also seek to improve our sustainability performance by implementing best practices, participating in sustainability certifications, and collaborating with other stakeholders to promote sustainable tourism practices.

We recognize that achieving sustainability is an ongoing process, and we are committed to continuously improving our sustainability practices and performance. Our sustainability policy will be regularly reviewed, updated, and communicated to all our stakeholders.