Adventure Highlight

On this active and cultural tour of Colombia you will discover the amazing reserve of Sanguare, colorful Cartagena and some of the best small colonial towns the country has to offer. Tick off some major bucket list items while biking, hiking and exploring through magical Colombia.


  • Bogotá & Cartagena
  • Charming Towns
  • Rafting in the mountains

Day 1 – Bogotá on Bike

Bogotá is an energetic city filled with contrasts of old and new. Up and coming and filled with innovative restaurants, cafes, street life and art, you’ll get a glimpse of it all! In this tour your bogotano host will take you to the most iconic sites of the city by bike. This tour will leave you with a fantastic cultural understanding of the capital city of Colombia as well as give you an opportunity to explore some of the urban art scene happening.


Day 2 – Farmers Market & Cooking Class

Today you will visit one of the most authentic food markets in the capital of Colombia. In its colorful and lively passages, you will find all the richness and agricultural diversity of Colombia, the most biodiverse country in the world. This is definitely the best place to understand the country’s culture, cuisine and traditions. You will see and taste all kinds of exotic and delicious fruits and vegetables from the many climates and regions of the country. Afterwards you will join your host for a cooking class at home using all of these fresh ingredients!


Day 3 – Villa de Leyva

After arrival in the beautiful colonial town of Villa de Leyva you will depart on a walking tour. Our local expert will provide an educational walking tour focused on the history and significance of the town founded in 1572. Visit the historical and archaeological museums, wander the charming parks and plazas, and relax in this beautiful colonial town.



Day 4 – Hike to Iguaque

Today you will take on the challenging 9km (5.5m) hike through Iguaque National Park, the trail winds its way uphill through cloud forest and is not for the faint of heart. Wear practical boots, and be prepared for cold and rainy weather, as the temperature can drop fast.




Day 5 – Road to Barichara

Travel early this morning by car to the stunning town of Barichara. Relax and then take in a walking tour with your guide strolling the streets and taking in the architecture. Try some food typical of the region, maybe even the ‘hormigas culonas’. Option to hike to Guane.




Day 6 – Rafting in San Gil

Today you’ll be partaking in whitewater rafting in the adventure packed town of San Gil. A lunch and snacks will be prepared for you, so just be sure to pack your gear and excitement!




Day 7 – Street Food

Cartagena is one of the highlights of many people’s trips to Colombia and it’s easy to see why! The walled city is a maze of stunning colorful architecture, modern and traditional restaurants, cocktail bars, street vendors and more! A street food tour is one of the best ways to take it all in. You will have the opportunity to try a variety of classic Caribbean treats in the company of a local, bilingual guide who will let you know what you are about to eat and help you choose the best food based on your preferences!


Day 8 to 11 – Reserva Sanguare

For your last 3 nights (or more!) be prepared to be disconnected, and most importantly RELAX. During your 3 nights at the remote Natural Reserve Sanguaré you can choose what you would like to do. There will be the option for a guided walk through the dry tropical forest, Sea Kayak at Sunset among other additional activities including: *Day trip the San Bernardo Islands *Scuba Diving *Windsurfing lessons *Sailing lessons *Night Kayak to see the bioluminescent plankton (not to be missed!)