Amazon Calanoa Jungle Experience

During the “Calanoa Jungle Experience” you will head up the Amazon River, stay at the Calanoa Lodge, visit the community of Mocagua and the Monkey Rehabilitation Centre Maikuchiga. You will also visit Puerto Nariño and the Tarapoto Lake without compromising your comfort.


  • Calanoa
  • Mocagua & Maicuchiga
  • Puerto Nariño

Day 1 – Calanoa

Take a boat to the Calanoa Lodge and enjoy an ecological walk through the Nature Reserve and a boat ride along the Mata Mata River. You will learn about the flora and fauna of the area and hopefully spot many different animals.
Dinner is followed by a night walk to experience the jungle in a very different way, allowing you to spot the region’s nocturnal animals


Day 2 – Mocagua & Maicuchiga

Head to the Mocagua village. Mocagua is a Tikuna community that is dedicated to the conservation of the regional ecosystem and carry on to the Maikuchiga monkey rehabilitation centre, where illegally captured as well as injured/sick monkeys are rehabilitated and prepared for their return to the jungle as free beings.


Day 3 – Puerto Nariño

You’ll continue your journey to Puerto Nariño, a car-free village, where you can visit the Natatuma Foundation where animals that inhabit the Tarapoto Lake and its surrounding are displayed in form of statues. After lunch, you can go for a swim, Piranha fishing or look out for pink and grey dolphins on the Tarapoto Lake.


Day 4 – Leticia

You will have breakfast early in the morning and take the public boat to Leticia, which will take you around 2 hours. You can either be dropped off in town or at the airport.