Bogotá Foodie Experience

Delight yourself in the taste & fresh coffee of Colombia’s finest flavors in our Bogotá Foodie Experience. Bogotá is in the midst of a cultural renaissance at this moment. The Colombian capital is gaining international praise for its new-wave of exciting and innovative restaurants which feature an incredible wealth of local ingredients and recipes.

On this immersive Bogotá foodie tour, you will discover the secrets of Colombian cuisine, meet and learn from some of the city’s top chefs, and enjoy a unique specialty coffee experience at a stunning boutique hotel in the countryside. Let’s eat!


  • Market tour & cooking class
  • Coffee tour & tasting
  • Walking tour in La Candelaria

Day 1 – Food Shopping & Cooking Class

Your foodie experience will begin in one of Bogotá ’s many bustling farmer’s markets, where you won’t be able to contain your amazement at the remarkable wealth of fresh produce. You will experience hundreds of new smells and tastes.Once you’re done at the market, its back to the kitchen where your guide will lead you through some typical local recipes. There’s no better way to discover Colombian cuisine than by preparing it yourself.


Day 2 – Coffee Tour & Tasting

It’s time for a coffee tour! Your guide will lead you on a detailed tour through the coffee plantation. You will learn all about the complex processes that go into taking coffee from a little red bean growing on an Andean slope to your morning cup across the ocean.
After the tour, you are in for a real treat: a cupping class and coffee preparation experience with the expert local barista. You’ll never see your morning cup the same way again!


Day 3 – Walking Tour & Quinta Camacho Foodie Experience

After a walking tour through La Candelaria; Bogotá’s oldest neighbourhood, with an emphasis on street-food and local drinks, off to Quinta Camacho, the focal point of the city’s new foodie scene. You will visit three different neighbourhood restaurants, meeting with the chefs, and sampling their favourite dishes. It’s a unique opportunity to meet and interact with the people who are helping to change Colombia’s culinary reputation around the world.