Bogotá Outdoor Adventure

Feeling like a break from city life? What you didn’t realize, is that Bogota is more than just a sprawling, cosmopolitan city. Discover the Bogota Outdoor Adventure!
A place surrounded the spectacular landscapes of the Eastern Range of the Colombian Andes. This area is home to many unique species of fauna and flora.

On this Bogota Outdoor Adventure you will travel beyond the hip bars and restaurants of downtown Bogota to the wild mountain moorlands of Chingaza National Park. There you will experience the stunning cloud forests of Chicaque. Try to spot bears, deer, sloths, toucans, and hummingbirds. Don’t forget your camera!


  • Walking tour of Bogota
  • National Park Chingaza
  • Chicaque Park

Day 1 – Walking Tour & Hummingbird Observatory

The tour begins with a morning walking tour of La Candelaria, Bogotá’s oldest neighbourhood before heading out of the city to the Hummingbird Observatory in La Calera, a small rural settlement in the mountains to the east of the city. This delightful little country house is surrounded by Andean woodlands and moors. It attracts more than 14 species of high-altitude hummingbirds to its feeders, set in a beautifully landscaped garden in the house’s courtyard.


Day 2 – Ecotourism in Chingaza

Depart for a day trip the neighbouring Chingaza National Park, one of the region’s largest and important areas of conservation. Chingaza protects over 750,000 hectares of high-Andean and sub-Andean forest, as well as vast paramo ecosystems. Paramos are high-altitude moorlands endemic to north-eastern South America and home to high numbers of endemic species of flora and fauna. There are many species to be found in this National Park that can’t be seen anywhere else in Colombia!


Day 3 – Cloud Forest Hike

It’s another early start this morning as you journey to Chicaque Natural Park, a beautifully preserved island of cloud forest biodiversity to the south of Bogotá. The choice of hiking routes depends completely on you: you can visit the Eagle’s Beak Hill, with its breathtaking views towards the distant snow-capped volcanoes of the Central Andes or hike through the forest to a hidden waterfall. You can then chill out in a hammock, take a horseback ride, or fly across the forest on Chicaque’s 340m zip line.