Cartagena Cultural Experience

This tour takes you on a cultural mix of the Bolivar region of Colombia. Most international travelers only experience the walled city of Cartagena but, have they ever wondered where the Charismatic ¨Palenqueras,¨ who we see in the photos in brightly coloured dresses and bowls of fruit on their heads come from? What about all the traditional hammocks & handicrafts in the plethora of Souvenir shops and stands?  Where are these made? How are the fresh fish and crabs on our plate caught? All these questions and more will be answered on this eye opening and exciting culture tour of this multicultural coastal province!


  • San Basilio de Palenque
  • San Jacinto
  • La Boquilla

Day 1 – San Basilio de Palenque

Today you will start you cultural tour in the first free town in the Americas founded by escaped slaves during the 17th century. Here you will learn about its strong African linguistic, musical and cultural traditions. This will include a musical & dance demonstration. After your tour you will spend the night at a luxury farm house surrounded by beautiful flora & fauna which is an experience in itself!



Day 2 – San Jacinto

You will go to the land of the great hammock! San Jacinto is where you will want to buy all of your handicrafts as you will find them at much cheaper prices than inside the touristy walled city of Cartagena. This colourful town is home to famous musicians and every year holds the famous Gaitas festival. You will also have a gastronomic experience before returning to Cartagena and checking into your boutique hotel.



Day 3 – La Boquilla

This morning you will visit La Boquilla fishing village.  Your activity will depend on your personal taste. Choose from a traditional fishing & cooking tour in the mangroves.  Maybe you would like to learn how they make their traditional artisan handicrafts. Dancing enthusiasts can take a native dancing lesson to learn the local rhythms. In the afternoon you will take a guided stroll around the historic centre of Cartagena that will include history, culture, architecture, and maybe even a snack a two.