Cartagena Foodie Experience

During 3 delicious days in Cartagena, you will have the opportunity to try, and learn about many different gastronomy experiences. From street & market food on foot to a Caribbean degustation at one of Cartagena’s top new restaurants, and a chocolate experience workshop at the famous Cacao Museum. Let your senses guide you…!


  • Celelé Restaurant
  • Bazurto Market & Street Food
  • Local fishing & Crab Cooking

Day 1 – Street Food Tour & Bazurto Market

You will be taken to the famous Bazurto market for a morning of gastronomy sensory. You will be treated to a degustation of juices and tropical fruits along with other ¨consteño¨ delicacies & cultural surprises. You will learn about why this market is so important to Cartagena and its gastronomy. Late afternoon you will be taken on a guided stroll around the historic centre that will include taste testing of the local street food as you learn about Cartagena’s history, culture and architecture.


Day 2 -Local Fishing & Crab Cooking

This adventure unites local culture and gastronomy. After a successful fishing trip with traditional methods, learning firsthand how to assemble the fishing nets and set traps for crabs from local fishermen, you will participate in the preparation of traditional garlic crab cuisine. Everything else caught such as fish or snails will also be cooked at a local’s house. Your adventure will end over the dinner table with the fisherman’s family at their home and enjoy a delicious lunch of the garlic crabs you helped catch.


Day 3 – Cacao & Gourmet degustation

Discover one of Colombia’s sweet delicacies during a Cacao workshop. You will learn all about the history and process from the tree to your cup or bar along with a workshop to make your own chocolate drinks and bars. Make sure you have a light lunch because this evening you will be treated to a 5 – 10 course degustation at Getsemani’s hot new restaurant. Sebastian & Jaime along with their amazing team, will serve you up with many caribbean delights that are a sensory experience like none other for all the senses!