Coasts of Colombia

You’ll be exploring Colombia through many different regions on this unique experience that will leave you breathless from the natural beauty and fascinating culture that this country has to offer. From the capital city onwards to the stunning Pacific coast, you’ll be seeing some of Colombia’s most undiscovered parts.


  • Off the Beaten Path
  • Coast / Jungle / Desert

Day 1 – Bogotá by Bike

Bogota is a vibrant city, full of colors, contrast and history. In this tour your Bogotana host will take you to the most iconic sites of the city by bike. This tour will leave you with a fantastic cultural understanding of the capital city of Colombia as well as give you an opportunity to explore some of the urban art scene happening. On this 11km bike tour you will discover the best parts of downtown by exploring more than 10 neighborhoods. You will visit a Coffee factory, get a fruit tasting and play the classic Colombian game of ‘Tejo’.


Day 2 – Bogotá Market & Cooking Class

Today you will visit one of the most authentic food markets in the capital of Colombia. In its colorful and lively passages, you will find all the richness and agricultural diversity of Colombia, the most biodiverse country in the world. You will see and taste all kinds of exotic and delicious fruits and vegetables from the many climates and regions of the country. Afterwards you will join the host at her home for a cooking class using all the fresh ingredients you just bought!


Day 3 – Travel to Pacific Coast

After an early morning flight you will arrive at the small airport of Bahia Solano where you’ll be greeted and taken to the lodge. The boat ride to the lodge is about 20 minutes, so make sure your things are stashed away in a waterproof bag! After settling in you’ll be treated to a traditional lunch. The afternoon will be free to enjoy the lodge facilities, walk along the secluded beach and enjoy a swim in the warm Pacific ocean. At the end of the day you’ll enjoy a traditional dinner with the other guests in the lodge as you enjoy the views of nature.


Day 4 – Nabugá Waterfall Visit

You will start the journey along the flat, easy trail admiring tropical flora and fauna along the way. After walking through the jungle for approximately 15-20 minutes, the Nabugá waterfall will come into sight and you can enjoy free time to bathe in the refreshing pool at the base of the waterfall, before returning to the beach. On the way back to the boat, you will pass a settlement of the Naburá Indigenous tribe for an opportunity to appreciate their culture and handmade crafts.


Day 5 – Whale Watching

During whale season (late June to mid-October), on a boat ride or even from the beach, you are extremely likely to encounter humpback whales, jumping from the water and slapping the surface with their fins and tails. Seeing these incredible creatures in such a wild and exotic place is one of Colombia’s top ecotourism experiences. (or a visit to the Botanical Garden)


Day 6 – Pacific to Caribbean

After breakfast this morning you will be transported by boat to the airport for your return flight to Medellin. From here you will then be flying onwards to Santa Marta. You will overnight in a boutique hotel in Santa Marta this evening. Optional evening walking or street food tour. Tomorrow you will be departing for La Guajira.



Day 7 – La Guajira: Cabo de la Vela

You will be headed first to Manaure through a deserted road in your 4 X 4 vehicle. In Manaure, Colombia’slargest salt complex, you will have a guided tour about the process of extracting salt and then pass by Uribia, indigenous capital of Colombia,where you will have a brief overview of the place before crossing themajestic desert to reach Cabo de la Vela. Here you will have lunch and amoment of rest and relaxation. Afterwards, visit Arco iris Beach, Pilón de Azúcar and finally the lighthouse where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset.


Say 8 – La Guajira: Punta Gallinas

On the second day of the adventure you will leave at about 8:00 am. After breakfast, you will take a road surrounded by desert to Punta Gallinas. Pass by the Parque Eólico “Jepirachi” (Wind Park) to take pictures, before going through the deserted way bordering Bahia Honda and Bahía Hondita andfinally reaching the enigmatic Punta Gallinas approximately at 2:00 pm for lunch. You can spend the afternoon resting at the lodging and enjoying the beauty of the landscape. Basic accommodation in beds or hammocks this evening.


Day 9 – Riohacha-Cartagena

Enjoy an early breakfast. After, you will visit the Taroa Dunes, a beautiful scenery of fine sand where you can practically slide right to the sea. You will then return to Riohacha. From here you have the option to travel to Cartagena via flight from Bogotá, or the 6 hour journey by car.



Day 10 – Cartagena Street Food Tour

Cartagena is one of the highlights of many people’s trips to Colombia and it’s easy to see why! The walled city is a maze of stunning colorful architecture, modern and traditional restaurants, cocktail bars, street vendors and more! A street food tour is one of the best ways to take it all in. You will have the opportunity to try a variety of classic Caribbean treats in the company of a local, bilingual guide who will let you know what you are about to eat and help you choose the best food based on your preferences!