Discover Popayán

On this three day tour you are going to get a real sense of the culture, history and stunning scenery in and around Popayan. You will discover all the secrets of the ¨White city¨including why it is called this. You will spend a day hiking and relaxing in waterholes and thermal pools with the Purace Volcano as your backdrop. You will also spend a day visiting the famous market town of Silvia to get an understanding on their way of life with your indigenous Misak guide.


  • Popayan
  • Salinas and Pozo azules
  • Silvia

Day 1 – Sunset Walking Tour

On your walking tour you will experience the cathedrals, squares, museums and beautiful colonial-style churches with their white facades made of chalk. Feel the magic of the city with its small streets and discover why it is considered one of the oldest and most well-preserved historical centers in all of Latin America. To finish off the tour on a high note you will climb the famous hill ¨Morro del Tulcan¨to see the gorgeous sunset.


Day 2 – Silvia

About an hour and a half from Popayán is the pretty little mountain town of Silvia. There you will learn about the home of the indigenous Misak. This is a conservative and isolated pre-columbian tribe. Your Misak guide will begin at the famous Silvia markets. After this you will jump on the traditional transport and be taken into the countryside to really feel amongst the culture and beauty of the stunning countryside that cannot only be seen but also felt!


Day 3 – Salinas, Pozo Azul & Thermals

Enjoy a short hike and a swim in the remote, natural thermal pools in the mountains of the Kokonuko indigenous reserve. Backing onto the Puracé volcano, this area has beautiful Andean scenery and offers the chance to get an insight into small scale farm life in rural Colombia. Part of a community project, these pools are rustic and peaceful thanks to their remote setting. Further uphill at Pozo azul we will find naturally formed pools at the base of a series of small waterfalls fed from the thermal springs.