Discover Santander

On this tour you’ll explore a little slice of Santander, a region lush in vegetation, beautiful river valleys and colonial small towns. Soak in the slow moving town of Barichara before testing your biking skills in the adventure town of San Gil and then onwards to a challenging hike through the Chicamocha Canyon. Make sure you bring some energy to take on this multi-day tour!


  • Walking tour of Barichara
  • Biking in San Gil
  • Hiking the Chicamocha Canyon

Day 1 – Barichara Walking Tour

Barichara is often known as the prettiest town in Colombia, it is a compact little hillside town on a hot plateau. Visitors will delight in the quaint simplicity of the whitewashed houses, cobbled streets and red-tiled roofs. During your walking tour, you will discover the workshops of artisans who are famous for their craft, particularly the stonemasons and vegetable fiber artisans. You will also discover factories producing quality hand-rolled cigars.


Day 2 – San Gil Biking Tour

After a relaxing breakast in Barichara you will head to the town of San Gil and take off on a bike tour. This ride is a good mix of adrenaline downhill and leg pumping cross country riding. On your way you will enjoy beautiful scenery of rich Andean valleys, fertile lands of great natural beauty and a glimpse to traditional Colombian lifestyle. This 31mile (55km) mountain biking tour is always supported by a 4×4 vehicle.



Day 3 – Chicamocha Canyon

Your day will begin early, you will be taken to Villanueva, where you will start a 10 hour long hike through the Chicamocha Canyon with our English speaking guide, until you reach Jordan. Through this walk, you will appreciate the majestic view of the canyon, which is 227 km long and 2 km deep. It is famous for its endemic wildlife, such as the Ceiba Barrigona, the Quincha de Soatá and the Cucarachero de Chicamocha. You can also enjoy a fresh swim in the river.