Discover the Pacific Coast

You’ll be exploring the Pacific Coast on this unique experience that will leave you breathless from the natural beauty and fascinating culture that this region has to offer. From indigenous communities to the Jungle, unique gastronomy – maybe the best in Colombia, wildlife watching… the experiences are endless.


  • Jungle
  • Indigenous communities
  • The Pacific!

Day 1 – Welcome to the Pacific Coast

After an early morning flight you will arrive at the small airport of Bahia Solano where you’ll be greeted and taken to the lodge. The boat ride to the lodge is about 20 minutes, so make sure your things are stashed away in a waterproof bag! After settling in you’ll be treated to a traditional lunch. The afternoon will be free to enjoy the lodge facilities, walk along the secluded beach and enjoy a swim in the warm Pacific ocean. At the end of the day you’ll enjoy a traditional dinner with the other guests in the lodge as you enjoy the views of nature.


Day 2 – Nabugá Waterfall Visit

You will start the journey along the flat, easy trail admiring tropical flora and fauna along the way. After walking through the jungle for approximately 15-20 minutes, the Nabugá waterfall will come into sight and you can enjoy free time to bathe in the refreshing pool at the base of the waterfall, before returning to the beach. On the way back to the boat, you will pass a settlement of the Naburá Indigenous tribe for an opportunity to appreciate their culture and handmade crafts.


Day 3 – Whales Watching

During whales season, on a boat ride or even from the beach, you are extremely likely to encounter humpback whales, jumping from the water and slapping the surface with their fins and tails. Seeing these incredible creatures in such a wild and exotic place is one of Colombia’s top ecotourism experiences. (or a visit to the Botanical Garden)