Eastern Plain Wildlife

Hato La Aurora is an important natural reserve in the vast Eastern Plains, or the Colombian llanosA visit to this magical reserve is a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

During this trip you will learn about the diverse birdlife and wildlife of the plains. This adventure is a chance to experience a unique way of life in an off-the-beaten-track corner of Colombia.

Birds and animals of La Aurora are remarkably relaxed around humans. This is the result of a strict ban on hunting over the last few decades. Photographic opportunities here are second-to-none.

Don’t miss or This is an authentic Colombian safari in the heart of the great eastern plains!


  • Wildlife watching
  • Cowboy culture
  • Llanos sunset

Day 1 – Juan Solito Ecolodge

Atfer a long drive filled with wildlife watching along the way, you will arrive at Juan Solito Ecolodge on the banks of the Ariporo River and head out on a walk around the gallery forest bordering the lodge. A pair of Great-horned Owls live in the palm trees alongside the lodge, large herds of Capybaras laze around on the lodge lawn, and there are always White-tailed Deer and Howler Monkeys to be seen as well. End the day with some live traditional Colombian cowboy music!


Days 2 & 3 – Wildlife

Over the next couple of days, you will explore the incredible variety and biodiversity of Hato La Aurora, visiting the wetlands and lakes dotted throughout the reserve. You will encounter amazing wildlife such as Caimans, White-tailed Deer, Wild Pigs, and the ubiquitous Capybaras are everywhere!  Other species which you stand a good chance of observing are Giant Anteaters, Anacondas, Southern Tamandua, and the Gray Fox. If you are extremely lucky you may even come across a wild Puma or a Jaguar!


Day 4 – Yopal

On your final morning at Hato La Aurora, you will have time for one last walk around the forests alongside Juan Solito Lodge before packing up and heading back to Yopal. If you are interested, you can also participate in a cultural activity alongside the hotel, where local cowboys will explain their culture, and teach you to lasso and milk cattle.