Guaviare Adventure

If you want to explore an off-the-beaten-track corner of the Colombian Amazon, an area that was until very recently considered off-limits for travellers, then this is the tour for you. From ancient rock paintings in the depths of the jungle to bright red rivers flowing across the rocky plains of the Serrania La Lindosa.  Welcome to Guaviare…!


  • Rock paintings of Cerro Azul
  • Aquatic plant rivers
  • Local Indigenous community

Day 1 – Cerro Azul

You will head to Finca Chontaduro where you will learn about the coca plant and have lunch. From there, you will take a short drive to explore one of Colombia’s most important ancient archaeological sites: The rock paintings of Cerro Azul. Some of the best-preserved pictograms in Colombia cover the walls of this hill. You will spend the afternoon discovering these emotive paintings, which offer a unique window into the ancient past of the region.


Day 2 – Damas del Nare Lake

It’s time for some Amazonian wildlife today as you visit Damas del Nare Lake, a hidden oxbow lake to the east of San Jose, which will give you ample opportunity to admire the Amazon landscapes of the region. This trip will allow you to observe some of the many species of wild monkeys and birds which inhabit this lush jungle and visit the pink dolphins! If you like you can jump into the lake and swim with these magnificent creatures


Day 3 – Aquatic Plant rivers & Indigenous Community

Your first port of call will be the surreal red rivers which have been dubbed the “twin” of the famous Cano Cristales. Between June and November these clear rivers appear bright red as the endemic Macarenia clavigera blooms.
You will visit a local Indigenous community to learn more about the unique cultures which still exist around the jungle of Guaviare


Day 4 – Return to Bogota

For the option Monday to Thursday, as your flight is in the afternoon, you can add an extra adventure and see the beautiful Pozos Naturales swimming holes. Here a red river flows across the craggy rock formations, and has formed a series of deep round pools, punctuated by waterfalls and rapids. You will be able to relax on the warm rocks and swim in the deep, cool pools.