Medellin Foodie Experience

Do you love experiencing a culture through its food? Then this is the tour for you! You’ll be able to sample some of Colombia’s best and well known street food as well as see the gastronomic revolution its been experiencing at one of its top restaurants. Don’t forget a coffee tour and lots of sampling and you’ll finish this tour feeling very satisifed!


  • Street Food Tour
  • Coffee Crawl and Food Tasting
  • Coffee Farm

Day 1 – Street Food Tour

The Street Food Tour takes you through the bustling and vibrant streets of Medellin, tasting delicious food while showing you cultural and historical sights along the way. You will experience traditional treats such as empanadas and arepas and unique dishes such as Chicharrones and the famous bandeja paisa. You’ll also explore a colourful neighbourhood market and try the exotic and mouthwatering fruits that are only found here in Colombia.


Day 2 – Coffee Crawl & Food Tasting

Colombia is known across the globe for its superb coffee, and Medellín is perched on the edge of coffee heaven! Our Colombian Coffee Crawl takes you on a tour of unique cafes to explore coffee philosophy and history through the beautiful Poblado neighbourhood. In the evening you will delight in a 10 course tasting menu at one of Medellin’s most acclaimed restaurants, Carmen.



Day 3 – Concordia Coffee Farm

The drive through the Central Andes mountains to Concordia will take you on a scenic road to your first destination, a large coffee plantation with panoramic views of the surrounding farms, the magnificent cordilleras and the Cauca River. During the tour, you will learn all the steps involved for growing, harvesting and processing a coffee bean and will see first-hand what it takes to transform ripe coffee cherries to the finest cups of coffee in the world.