Mountains of the Sierra Nevada

The mountains of Sierra Nevada are a perfect retreat from the heat of the sometimes stifling Colombian coast. Minca is a small town located 20 kilometres from Santa Marta and 600 meters high on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada. In this enchanting region you will hike to see and swim in waterfalls, visit a Coffee and a Cacao farm to not only learn about their processes, but also to taste the different varieties. Along the way you will be able to spot the abundance of flora and fauna that is found in this region. At the end of the day you will be able to enjoy a cool beverage while you admire the jaw dropping sunset over the Caribbean sea from your boutique hotel nestled in the mountains.


  • Minca
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee

Day 1 – Caoba Reserve & Chocolate Experience

Your first day full of adventure will begin with a 4X4 adventure to the Caoba reserve to hike, swim, admire and learn about the hundreds of medicinal and aquatic plants. This will be followed by a visit to a Cacao farm, where you will not only learn about the process from bean to bar, but also get an interactive experience which includes roasting over an open flame, and even a chocolate face mask.



Day 2 – Minca, Coffee & more Waterfalls!

Yesterday you learnt about Cacao, today you will learn about coffee! All while taking in the stunning views that stretch out until the Caribbean coast. You will have the chance to explore the quaint village of Minca and browse the artisan shops. After lunch you will be taken to the Marinka waterfall for a well deserved dip surrounded by nature.