Nature & Wildlife Tour

On this tour, those incredible destinations that you have only dreamed of visiting will become a reality as you travel through Colombia’s vast Eastern Plains, the Amazon jungle and the Caribbean jungle landscape of Tayrona National Park. Bring your camera and hiking shoes as you get into nature and prepare to see some wildlife in each area as well as enjoy the natural beauty of these untamed regions.


  • Wildlife Safari on the “Eastern Plains”
  • Pink River Dolphins in the Amazon
  • Howler Monkeys in Tayrona.

Day 1 – Bogotá to Casanare

Flight from Bogotá to the city of Yopal. You will then be transported to the lodge. On a short walk in the forest alongside the traditional Llanos ranch where eagle-eyed guests will be able to spot owls and howler monkeys. During this tour you will really understand why Casanare is such a dream destination for wildlife lovers, as you drift past herds of capybaras, basking caiman, and giant flocks of birds, including the surreal horned screamer, before enjoying the breathtaking spectacle of the arrival of hundreds of birds as they come in to roost.


Day 2 & 3 – Wildlife Safari

These 2 days will be pure heaven for wildlife lovers as you will have a chance to see species such as capybaras, white-tailed deer, giant anteaters, tamanduas, caiman, armadillos, and even, if you are extremely lucky, a Puma! Most of the safari will be enjoyed in an open-top 4×4, with some short walks along forest trails and down to lakes to see if you can find an anaconda. Finish off the day with a spectacular sunset as your local guide plays the guitar and sings some traditional llanos songs.


Day 4 -Casanare to Amazon

On the final morning you will have the option to include an additional morning wildlife safari or discover more of the unique llanero cowboy culture before heading back to Yopal for your flight to Bogotá and then onwards to Leticia. After your flight to the Amazon you will overnight in the small port town before departing into the jungle tomorrow morning.



Day 5 – Jungle Lodge

Take a boat to the Lodge this morning and enjoy an ecological walk through the Nature Reserve and a boat ride along the Mata Mata River. You will learn about the flora and fauna of the area and hopefully spot many different animals. Dinner is followed by a night walk to experience the jungle in a very different way, allowing you to spot the region’s nocturnal animals.



Day 6 – Mocagua & Maicuchiga

Head to the Mocagua village. Mocagua is a Tikuna community that is dedicated to the conservation of the regional ecosystem and carry on to the Maikuchiga monkey rehabilitation centre, where illegally captured as well as injured/sick monkeys are rehabilitated and prepared for their return to the jungle as free beings.



Day 7 – Puerto Nariño

You’ll continue your journey to Puerto Nariño, a car-free village, where you can visit the Natatuma Foundation where animals that inhabit the Tarapoto Lake and its surrounding are displayed in form of statues. After lunch, you can go for a swim, Piranha fishing or look out for pink and grey dolphins on the Tarapoto Lake.



Day 8 – Amazon to the Caribbean

You will have breakfast early in the morning and take the public boat to Leticia, which will take you around 2 hours. You will be dropped off at the airport where you will depart on a flight to Bogotá and then onwards to Santa Marta. From Santa Marta you will be transported out to a beachfront ecolodge.



Day 9 – Tayrona National Park

Today you will put your walking shoes on and head off for a day of exploration in Tayrona National Park. This full day includes approximately 4-5 hours of hiking, monkey & bird spotting, swimming on the stunning caribbean beaches, and admiring the abundance of flora and fauna that make this national park a paradise!



Day 10 – Rio Don Diego

The pace will be a little slower today, as you will be taken to the Don Diego River (where some of the scenes of the famous movie “The Mission” were filmed). Once there, you will be taken up the river by boat and then float back down on your innertube all the way to where the river meets the ocean, a beautiful place full of birds. You may be lucky to spot a family of Howler monkeys as you float down the river.



Day 11 – Tungueka Indigenous Reserve

You will begin today’s activity with a trek for approximately 2 hours through a tropical humid forest by the Ancho river to reach the indigenous reserve of Tungueka. Once you have arrived, you will have a tour of this traditional and primitive community and learn about their way of life and different traditions. There will also be a cultural exchange with the community authorities. After the village tour you will have a delicious picnic & relax beside the beautiful Ancho river before the hike back down.


Day 12 – Minca

Cool off from the hot Caribbean heat with a day trip to Minca in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Here you’ll go for a short trek to the lost waterfall, visit a Coffee and a Cacao farm to not only learn about their processes, but also to taste the different varieties. You’ll be fully immersed in the wonderful nature of this small town. Be sure to take it all in as your last stop on this tour. Overnight in Santa Marta or flight back to Bogotá this evening.