$ 1,160,000

Paramo Farmer Experience – 2 Day Trek

$ 1,160,000

Tour Itinerary

Day 0

We ask the travelers to please arrive the day before to Salento to acclimatize; Also, to have a mandatory meeting with our team at the Paramo Trek office where we take you through a pre-departure briefing to double-check you are adequately equipped.

Day 1

At 07:00 am we will start our day in a Jeep Willy on our way to Cocora Valley, the gateway to Los Nevados National Park, we will start our trek at 2,400 masl and enjoy the forest ecosystem. We will take a break for lunch and continue on a steep ascent until reaching 3,150 meters.

In the afternoon we will arrive at our destination, la Argentina, a peasant farm located at 3,400 masl, we will share with the family, listen to stories and have a typical dinner, tonight's accommodation will be in dormitories with a shared bathroom (basic conditions).

Day 2

After taking a rural breakfast, we start our day towards the magical paramo ecosystem of the Piedras Gordas hill, the goal will be to reach 4,000 m.a.s.l to see the majestic Paramillo del Quindío, from this point we can also see Nevado del Tolima (if the weather allows).

We will take a short break and start our way back to la Argentina farm, where we will have a hot drink and continue the downhill route along the same path that we took the first day. Upon arrival in Salento we will have a celebration dinner at a local restaurant.

Tour Highlights

  • Day 1:
  • Cocora Valley
  • Cultural immersion with local farmers
  • Minimum Altitude: Cocora Valley: 2.400 m
  • Maximum Altitude: Finca Argentina: 3.400 m
  • Day 2:
  • Páramo Ecosystem
  • View point to Piedras Gordas Hill, Nevado del Tolima and Paramillo del Quindío (depending on the weather)
  • Minimum Altitude: Cocora Valley: 2.400 m
  • Maximum Altitude: Páramo Ecosystem: 4.000 m

Bulk discount (by percent)

Bulk diccount adult
# Discount group From adult To adult Value
1 From 2 to 2 people 1160000 690000
2 From 3 to 6 people 1160000 590000
3 From 7 to 8 people 1160000 520000

Frequently Asked Questions

How many kilometers trekking?
Trekking: - Day 1: 12 km
- Day 2: 15 km
What is the difficulty level?
If you are a physically active traveler, with an adventurous spirit and with some mountain experience, you will know that a route through mountainous terrain, while carrying a light backpack, will be a plan that you will fully enjoy. Your disposition should be to walk between 6 and 10 hours per day, the distances can be around 10 and 14 kilometers (≈ 6-9 miles).

On the terrain you will recognize that there are paths with steep slopes, irregular trails with mud and some sections without shadow (direct sunlight). The elevation change is of minimum 1,000 meters and a maximum of 1,600 meters (≈2,000 - 5,200 ft), with an altitude of maximum 4,000 meters (≈13,000 ft).
What should I bring?
Take everything we recommend!

Proper backpack for trekking of 30 liters or more. Here you will carry what you need during each day of the trek.

Sunscreen, sunglasses with high UV protection, sun hat, warm hat and gloves.

Headlamp with extra batteries

Bring a two-liter bottle water or more, preferably not plastic material.

Semi rigid and waterproof trekking boots. Tennis or running shoes will not allow you to safely walk the trails.

Waterproof jacket and pants to protect you from the rain.

Take a down jacket or different layers of clothing with you to keep you warm at night (Temperatures between 3 °C -10 °C with humidity of 80% and lower thermal sensation).

Clothes to change into at the end of the day and personal toiletries.



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