Ultimate Coffee Region Experience

If you’re passionate about coffee then this is the tour for you!

Discover the magic of fresh Coffee during five jam-packed days in the Colombian Coffee Region. Visit farms and pick beans with your own hands, sample specialty coffees with local experts, learn how to identify coffee’s unique flavours, and spend your nights at beautiful boutique coffee farm hotels. This is the ultimate coffee lover experience!

Your cup of fresh-brew awaits!



  • Pijao & coffee farms
  • Filandia & specialty Coffee
  • Coffee & cupping experience

Day 1 – Hacienda Bambusa

The tour begins at the gorgeous Hacienda Bambusa. This luxurious boutique hotel on a traditional coffee farm will be home for the next two nights. Over a delicious dinner of local ingredients, your guide will explain the itinerary for the remainder of the trip and you can sample the first of many cups of world-class Colombian coffee.



Day 2 – Coffee Plantation Tour

Today is all about Colombia’s most famous product: you will experience a crash-course in the genesis of Colombian specialty coffee. You will learn all about how coffee is so central to the life and economy of so many towns in the region. You will explore coffee plantations, pick the beans, and go through the entire process, from tree to cup, with authentic coffee farmers.If you love coffee, you may never enjoy a tastier cup!


Day 3 – Filandia

With its stunningly well-preserved traditional architecture and kaleidoscopic collection of colourful doors and windows, there may not be a prettier town than Filandia in all of Colombia.
After the tour of the town, it’s off to the Torre del Quindio – this giant bamboo tower is known as the best viewpoint in all of the region, and on a clear day you can even spy the snow-capped peaks of the Los Nevados volcanoes in the distance.


Day 4 – Coffee Farm

After a day of culture and beautiful views, you’re back in coffee mode with a tour around a coffee farm, during which you will be able to learn about different varieties of coffee. Colombian coffee is like wine, and no farm produces the same cup or uses the exact same methods, so this will be another eye-opening window into the world of Colombian coffee and the people behind it.



Day 5 – Specialty Coffee Cupping

You have learned all there is to learn (at least in a few days!) about how to grow and harvest coffee, so now it’s time to discover the joy and wonder contained within a cup! On a specialty coffee cupping experience, a fully-trained barista will guide you through the world of tastes, aromas, and fragrances that make Colombian coffee so special. Learn how to differentiate between aromas and flavours, and how to prepare the best cup you can imagine.