Lessons Learned in Colombia

What Colombia Teaches Travelers about Resiliency.

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Colombia, Budget Friendly Destination for Canadians

Colombia is a Budget Friendly Destination for Conscious Canadians. Low cost flights coupled with a favorable exchange rate are drawing an extra popularity during this holiday season.

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Caldas Gastronomy in Manizales: Event Coverage

The culinary heritage of Colombia has become a hot discussion piece in recent years. Efforts are underway to identify and preserve the Caldas Gastronomy and recipes for future generations.

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Will the FARC Rearmament Affect Tourism in Colombia?

Tension is running high, international newspapers are reporting the worst and tourists are asking us the question. Will The FARC Rearmament Affect Tourism in Colombia?

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Bogotá Food Culture | Chef Paula Silva

Chef Paula Silva is putting love and good energy into every dish, and more and more chefs are following in her footsteps. Silva has dedicated herself to experimenting with natural and pure ingredients local to Colombia.

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